Pit-Bull Attack

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While walking my 5-year-old Pomeranian Bear, he was attacked by a red pit-bull. We were just going out on one of our daily routine walks. I was going to check my mailbox at the postal gazebo at my apartment complex and he would go to the bathroom. As we walked down the sidewalk toward the mailbox area, an apartment door on the second floor of another building opened and heard a woman yell “Rosa, No!” by the time I turned to face the direction of the woman I see a large red pit-bull making a beeline for us with the sole intention of attacking Bear. It happened so fast I did not have time to react; it has almost been a year since this event occurred, but even now, it is still vivid in my mind. The pit-bull got him by the nape of his neck and by his shoulder blades and shook Bear so hard his collar came off. The male owner of the pit-bull hearing my screams rushed over and began to kick his dog until he released the fury brown, white and tan blur that his dog had in his mouth. Fortunately, Bear made a full recovery with only minor lacerations behind his left ear, right shoulder and right chest area and minor puncture wounds on his legs. Thank God, no puncture wounds to his chest or face. During this entire event, I still maintained good peace of mind knowing that I had VPI Pet Insurance to assist in the absorption of the medical expenses for Bear, which was about $435.25.

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