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I have two Lhaso Apsos ,I used to laugh at people who have pet insurance .till my oldest dog Troubles who does not have insurance got diabetes,pancreatitis and went blind and has glaucoma we have spent thousands of dollars to keep her healthy. Then I looked in to VPI I got it on my two Lhasos one was 3 and the other 1 Savannah the youngest decided to swallow money when she ws a year and half swallowed 1.57 had emergency surgery was in the hospital 1 week .had to have transfusions was at 3 animal hospitals had hemolitic anemia and almost died. After coming home she had to have shots for 1 month. Then when she was well she swallowed another nickel had to have surgery again. Her total bill was approximately 4,000 and VPI paid approximately 3,000. They processed the claims promptlyand between 2-3 weeks I was reimbursed. If you ever havea question all you have to do is call them .I have the superior and cancer riders on them both .My oldest Lhaso has developed allergies and VpI gives me a piece of mind no insurance pays everything not even people insurance if it did none of us could afford it. I have been very thankful for VPI insurance and plan to have it with every dog I have. thankyou

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