Saved Chelsea's Life, Literally!!!

Out of 10

Chelsea had just turned three at the time. Always playful, it was easy to spot something out of the ordinary. She was actively playing with one of her toys late one evening when out came a yelp, then she curled into a ball. She looked fine physically, but she was visibly shaken. Okay, dilemma, emergency vet would be the equivalent of a house payment (spoken from experience). So we nursed her until morning. At 6 am, it was obvious that she was not improving, she didn't seem any worse, but definitely not better. We were new to the area and did not want to chance the 90 minute ride back home. We took her to the new vet right up the street and they immediately took her from my arms. We had never been there before. A little paperwork and a flash of Chelsea's insurance card and the vet assistant said "don't worry, she will be fine." She said, "In these cases, many times pet parents have to put their pets down, but Chelsea's VIP pet insurance is the best investment we could have made". She was minutes from shock and had a severe blockage in her intestines. Two hours later and three inches of intestines removed (she is only 4 lbs)and an emergency hysterectomy, there sat he bill. The total was $2300. Since the vet had nothing but positive experiences from VIP, he only asked that we make a small down payment, the staff was helpful with all the claim forms. Within three weeks, we received a check for the entire amount minus her $50 deductible, we paid the vet in full. Her insurance coverage is just as important as ours, and in many cases even better :) Forever Grateful, SW & Chelsea

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