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My husband and I got a 6 month old puppy almost 4 years ago and as it was my first puppy, I was extra cautious about everything and decided to get insurance from VPI after a recommendation from a friend. After about a month of the policy being in effect, our puppy got very sick and we took her to the vet. After 2 x-rays and an examination, we found out that our puppy had swallowed a rock and had a bowel obstruction. She needed urgent surgery or she would die within a couple of days. My husband and I of course decided to do the surgery, and would have without the insurance, but I submitted the claim to VPI and about 2 weeks later we had a check for more that $1000.00. We ended up with out of pocket expenses of around $200.00. This unfortunatly turned out to be a problem for this puppy and she did it again a couple of times in the next 18 months. Each claim was answered as timely as the first. We absolutely would not have been able to afford to keep our puppy had I not made the decision to insure her. AFter much environmental modification and some behavioral training, we hope these problems are behind us with our darling dog. When we got our second dog, we chose to insure her, just in case. We haven't ended up needing to use the insurance at all for her, but we know that if something devistating happened, we wouldn't have to make the choice of keeping the dog based on if we could afford to pay the veterinarian or not. This isn't insurance like we're used to for people, you pay up front and get reimbursed, but I found their terms to be extremely clear. It's more like car insurance that what we're typically used to for "health insurance" but just like with autos, it helps when needed, but you pay for it hoping that you never actually need it. We live in an expensive city with expensive city vets, but we choose to have pets and know that it will cost money to keep them healthy and happy, but the VPI pet insurance helps with the peace of mind. For taking care of our best friends, I would recommend VPI again. of knowing that in that worst case scenario, we aren't totally on our own. I've always had really good customer service, have never had trouble reaching someone in person on the phone and their website for policyholders is very helpful. I would recommend them again and will continue to keep my pets insured.

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