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+I was a former subscriber to the Hartville Group who was taken for thousands of dollars and learned many unfortunate lessons. This company also has affiliates including and who also engage in the same untrustworthy manner.
When I first signed up with this company many years ago, they paid based on the actual percentage of the bill. In a later renewal, they slipped in language changing the amount they reimburse from the agreed upon 80% of actual charges on my bill to a list of cost estimates that were much lower than actual cost of treatment. The cover letter did not provide any indication that these changes were being made.

Also during initial signup, I don't believe this company had anything in their contract stating they would stop paying claims after my renewal date. Refusing to pay six months out of a twelve month policy isn’t much of a benefit is it? Honestly, though, I may not have looked as I naturally assumed (as almost everyone else does) that as long as I paid my premiums every month, this company would pay the claims my pet may generate later in life.

The Hartville Group preys upon the people who make the logical but false assumption that pet insurance has regulations and protections. If I had signed up with a reputable insurance company my cat may still be alive today. Only after my cat became sick would I find out what a horrible company this was as they either massively underpaid the promised 80% reimbursement or flat out denied claim after claim after claim. Of course I had nowhere else to turn as my cat was now sick and therefore uninsurable.

Of the many claims I submitted during my cat's debilitating illness, there was not one claim where I was reimbursed the 80% I was promised after meeting my $100 deductible. Not one!

NOW they have introduced a so-called "Continuing Care Endorsement" to fend off the complaints by me and the many others like me who were abandoned by them in years past. Too late for my cat, though. Besides, it still doesn’t stop them from underpaying claims. Thanks for nothing Hartville, I hope you all burn in hell.

So my question to you is, with all of the other choices available to you for pet insurance, why would you trust your pet to these people?

Thank you pet insurance review for allowing me to publish this warning. If it keeps others from suffering like I did, then maybe my cat's death won't be in vain.

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Posted: 02/26/2010

Well, Sam, did you ask or did you find anywhere either in their brochure or on their web site that the ASPCA policy makes any illness your pet contracts while covered automatically a preexisting condition the following year? Did you look at or were you told exactly how much the allowable coverages were or if there were fee schedules? Did anyone at the ASPCA bother to tell you that what they consider "allowable" is a fraction of actual costs?I have been researching ALL pet insurance companies to find 2-3 that I as a Veterinarian feel comfortable recommending to my clients.
The ASPCA is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the animal industry. Their policies, in my opinion, are terrible. I have never heard of any insurance company making an illness contracted during a policy year a preexisting condition the next year or forcing a policyholder to pay additional fees to have them covered. Fee schedules are an abomination. Usual and customary fees are almost meaningless and are never actually "Usual" or "customary" based on any data. They are ALWAYS 20-40% less than any fee a vet in that area would charge.
I wouldn't be so fast to congratulate myself on asking questions that shouldn't NEED to be asked if the insurance company was behaving and honest in the first place.
Additionally, if you DID ask the question I just posed and you STILL purchased the policy you should be ashamed of yourself as you have
1. Proven you're not the brightest light in the house
2. You've provided your pet with a worthless policy that you get to pay for!
3. Unless you're a Veterinarian, you have no idea what fee schedules are accurate nor what "usual" or "customary" fees are in your area.

Be careful of who you criticize. The person who wrote this review trusted the ASPCA to back up their good name. The person who wrote this review could have asked questions and STILL have been denied coverage due to the lack of transparency on the part of the ASPCA.

While it is certainly a good idea to ask questions, it is almost impossible to ask all the IMPORTANT questions, regardless of who you are.

Posted: 02/10/2010

If you would have read your policy or asked questions you would not be so upset. When i signed up, i asked questions when i didn't understand what i read in the policy. The customer service reps helped me understand. They cover 80% OF ALLOWABLE CHARGES!!! Some places have benefit schedules, which are out of date.