Rat Terrier Got into Rat Poison

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Last June, Susie, our then 10 year-old Rat Terrier, got into rat poison meant for a rat living under our garage. Because I've had VPI's Superior Plan coverage since Susie was four, I did not hesitate to take her to the local Emergency Animal Hospital. VPI promptly reimbursed me for that visit and the necessary follow-up visits to our Vet. Susie suffered no after affects of her ill-fated snack. VPI covers Susie's seizure medication and necessary blood tests. Because of the deductible and 90% coverage, this is Susie's "major medical" insurance. We are glad to have it.

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Posted: 01/29/2010

I would like to know how you got them to reimberse you that much?? Why am I paying for the best plan that they offer and my dog had an accidental poisoning and they payed me 500.00 of the 1800.00 that it cost to keep my dog alive. Please let me know what is happening here. I'm I doing something wrong? Is the vet just overcharging me? because I thought the test that they had to run were vital to save his life. His amylase is still very high and they have to run more tests to make sure it has come down. They are still only reimbersing a very tiny amount. They last bill was over 300.00 and they are reimbersing me 50.00. It is very depressing to hear some of these stories that people are getting a good reimbersement and I am not. Even on the website they have cases where there was a poisoning and the client was getting reimbersed almost all of the cost or at least half.