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I signed my two dogs up in June of 2008 and faxed over all their medical records. I informed the rep that one of my dog's, Bella, had a stomach issue a month ago. She said that's fine and they will see that on my records before approving her. On July 3, 2008 I was sent a letter stating that both my pets were covered & Bella had one exclusion - the stomach issue. In September, Bella's paw became extremely infected and she kept licking it. I ended up taking her to the ER Vet as it was Saturday when it looked horrible. I also went back to my vet a week later because it was still bad. The diagnosis was left paw abscess with moist dermatitis. I submitted her claims and they were denied. Over a year before putting Bella on VPI she had a case of mange - that I completely forgot about as it was cured. Two vets informed me that Demodex is very unlikely to reoccur ever again in pets unless there is an immune problem (usually older dogs). The vet tested the paw for Demodex and it came back negative. The reason my claim was denied was because of Allergic Dermatitis!! My vet never determined Allergic Dermatitis and clearly stated that Moist Dermatitis (caused by her licking the infected area) is not the same thing. My vet wrote a letter along with speaking to the Vet services department, still denied. The Demodex and the infection had nothing to do with one another, again per two Vets. VERY IMPORTANT TO ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY VPI...When I asked why this exclusion was not listed on my policy the supervisor informed me that they normally do not notice these things until a claim is submitted!!! This last paragraph should be reason enough not to go with VPI - they will always find an exclusion even if it has nothing to do with the diagnosis to deny your claim.

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