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I have just initiated a health plan for my dachshund Smitty, and havefiled no claims, so my comments are based simply on the start-up
process - which has been excellent - especially in comparison with
my attempts to obtain coverage from another server. The other server
made it almost impossible to proceed, so I didn't.
Smitty was adopted from an animal shelter, and his medical history
is a little sketchy. But he was thoroughly checked out before adoption,
and again by my vet. Nevertheless the other server wanted documentation
that did not exist, they were plod-slow in responding, and ultimately
I got on the internet and did some research.
Smitty was approved for ASPCA Health Care almost immediately. I
have had a series of follow up questions, and each of them has
been answered promptly, by a human being, and not by
We all have had personal experiences with insurance companies
bordering on the inhumane. At this point, I will put my trust in
this program; if developments change my outlook, I will update
these comments.

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