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We knew our mutt Pascal was mischievous the day we brought him home from the animal shelter so we researched pet insurance plans & chose PetPlan based on the excellent reviews. We are glad we did. Pascal has grown up to be quite a little rascal. We recently returned from a trip and we completely forgot we had brought back some specialty chocolate from the trip. Well, Pascal found it deep in our luggage and to our dismay, ate more than half a block of this specialty baking chocolate (about 10 grams). You can imagine our horror when we figured out how much he had ingested so we headed to the emergency vet.
Long story short, Pascal was given medications to help him upchuck the chocolate and he came home less than 12 hours later after staying overnight for observation.

Through it all, we were of course anxious and extremely concerned for Pascal but there was always that added anxiety in the back of your mind of how much this vet bill would be. When we were given the worse case scenario estimate, we were able to say yes, to go ahead with that treatment option if needed and the decision was made so much easier knowing we had PetPlan insurance.

After all was said and done, PetPlan did indeed come through. The claims process was super simple (the vet filled out the form in less than a minute) and I had the claim submitted the next day with one email. I was able to check the process online and the customer service rep I called to get a more detailed status update could not ha

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chocolate ingestion/poisoning
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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