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I have VPI Superior Plan with Cancer Endorsement for each of my cats. The cost is $200-350 per year per cat. I receive a 5% discount through my union and a 5% multi-pet discount. In 2007, I was considering dropping the insurance. VPI always paid reasonably, but with minor illnesses, I was breaking even. I decided to keep the insurance, as the cats were getting older. In April, 2008, James was diagnosed with colon cancer, complicated by anemia. The bills were almost $4000 - VPI paid 88% of that including an ultrasound six months later (after James had blood in his stool). Today, James is healthy, active and a cancer survivor. And I'm not in debt, thanks to VPI. The only problem that I have had is that unjustified exclusions for pre-existing conditions have appeared on my renewals. These have included non-recurring illnesses successfully treated years ago, and illnesses that the cat never had. VPI removed the exclusions after I appealed.

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