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We purchased a beautiful six month old American Eskimo puppy. We wanted to keep Snowflake in the best health possible. Starting with day two we brought her to the vet. We then realized that the vet bills in our future were going to be very expensive. At that point we looked at Pet insurance, and decided to subscribe to VPI Pet insurance to keep the vet bills down and Snowflake healthy. Unfortunately, our beautiful Snowflake got very sick at 5 years old. The vet’s bill for testing, boarding, and care was quite expensive. Without VPI Pet Insurance help we would have been in financial difficulty. Snowflake kidneys were not functioning properly,and death was eminent. However, because of VPI Pet Insurance we were able to keep Snowflake comfortable until her time. After two months we acquired another American Eskimo puppy. We immediately signed her up with VPI Pet Insurance. Snowgirl is a beautiful 10 Yr. old healthy dog. She goes for preventive care and regular checkups every six months or when needed because we have VPI Pet Insurance. VPI Pet Insurance is always there to help with the costs. We are very happy with VPI Pet Insurance. They are prompt with reimbursements, which is a big comfort to us. We recommend Pet Insurance for anyone who has a pet. It’s really a great concept for animals.

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