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We have 3 dogs and I figured that with all of our pet bills it would be nice to leverage some savings by paying monthly premiums and have extra piece of mind in cases of emergencies. After a total of 1200 in one emergency visit with 240 paid back on the claim it was not worth the investment. I Even tried to give them the benefit and kept it since we had routine care coverage as well. 120 dollars in vaccines and routine checkup returned 44 dollars. roughly what I am paying in premiums a month per dog. The math Doesn't work out. I understand insurance and the payment schedules will never return any value, if you are paying for 2 years and file only routine claims for normal visits on this payment schedule you would be paying 1000 in premiums and without an emergency vet visit (in my history never under 400) you would still be saving 500 without having it and with an emergency vet vist losing 50 bucks after your claims. There site was easy to use and claims service seemed easy though, but it would be nice to do everything online without faxing or mailing checks.

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