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I thoroughly researched the companies on this site and others and decided PetPlan was the best. I signed up. I filed a claim which I wasn't sure if any of it would be covered or not. The bill was only $200-$300 so I thought I would send it in and see what happened. After I paid my money for 7 months, they have now decided by dog is too old, cancelled my policy, and are refunding my premiums in full. I don't know exactly how old my dog is, neither does the vet. I gave it my best guess. It was good enough to enroll but not good enough to pay a claim for a broken tooth (not pre-existing). I chose a high deductible so I wasn't expecting much, but I wasn't expecting to get cancelled. At least I got my money back. Now I have to find another plan.

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Posted: 04/18/2009

I will ask the company about this before I agree to buty their policy. So far they answered my questions on line. I WILL execpt them to answer about that happened to you. My Alaskan Malamute is 4 1/2 now and I DO NOT want to buy a policy that would someday tell me she is "TO OLD" and then cancell the policy when I needed it and it would mean I would have to find a new policy when my dog was old and might have developed some thing long term in the mean time. Which would probably mean at that point I wouldn't be able to get new insurance on her. Thanks. Will let you know how this is explained to me from the company.

Posted: 09/14/2009

Thanks for the review. I wouldn't know what to think either.Maybe a mistake was made...?
Well -- my chihuahua is very young (7 weeks). I'll be sure to ask the company about this before I sign up, though.

Posted: 10/23/2009

I noticed on PetPlan's website that they mention they might not start coverage on animals beyond a certain age in some states. Since you were only 7 months in, and didn't have a great idea of your dog's age, I would guess they decided the broken tooth suggested your estimate might have been low, regardless of whether it really was or not, and retroactively denied coverage and refunded your premiums. Just for context, what state was this in, and what was the guesstimated age of your dog?

Posted: 12/21/2009

I am curious what state you are in as well, because in many states for this type of policy whether it is a pet policy or a policy for a human what they did is not legal. They only have a certain amount of time to cancel a policy unless they can prove you intentionally lied or put false information on the application.