a big rip off

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I had VPI for my then 3-year-old Lab. 8 months into the year, she got a foxtail in her hindquarters, which required several hours of surgery. The vet's bill was just under a thousand dollars. VPI reimbursed me just under three hundred dollars. Yep, not even 30%, despite their claims that they typically pay about 80%. I checked around and found that the amount the vet asked for each part of treatment was standard. I emailed VPI and told them if they did not substantially increase the reimbursement, I would drop my coverage. Their response was "you are welcome to contest the reimbursement; we'll need a line-by-line explanation of every piece of veterinary treatment your dog has ever had." So I dropped my coverage that day; happily, I still came out a tiny bit ahead on the premiums I had paid thus far versus the amount they reimbursed. What we've been doing ever since is putting a little more than the amount we were paying for premiums into a savings account, and that's what we'll use if, god forbid, she ever has another need for expensive treatment. Long story short: save your money!!

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