ASPCA Insurance, What a Ripoff!

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Recently my cat had eye surgery which cost me close to $1,000. I was appalled to receive a reimbursement check for onlyl $436.00. That means I didn't even get reimbursed half of what I had paid!! Then when I called them up they told me that they determined my reimbursement from the geographical location I live in and the most reasonable veterinary costs. This method does not work if one lives in New York City where everything, especially veterinary care is extremely expensive. Then they lied to me and said they only reimburse up to 80 percent with deductible, but am not guaranteed this percentage of reimbursement. I remember reading on their website that 80 percent of reimbursement is what they give. Furthermore, it took well over 30 days to receive this cheap check. I am in the process of shopping around for a different pet insurance, and so far I will say that Pets Best Insurance customer representatives were the most helpful in comparison to others I had phoned recently. Don't buy ASPCA Pet Insurance. Even though the cost is cheaper than other pet insurance, the reimbursement is the worst!! ASPCA Insurance will only reimburse 40 percent or less of the bill. I would not recommend the ASPCA Pet Insurance.It stinks on ice!

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