I wish they did human insurance too!

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My first puppy was born last year, and he was the joy of my life. I made many arrangements for his coming home, including taking about a good week (~4 hrs a day) to find the best pet insurance I could. Embrace was simply the best of the best, in terms of insurance companies, period. There call center always answered my questions promptly, and didn't mind my million and one "what-if scenarios" questions. They were clear what was covered, what wasn't, and what additional add-ons (like the wellness package I got) would do and what they wouldn't. I think I talked to the company a total of 20 hours before I actually got the puppy signed up (they were very friendly, and I'm very picky, and they were very professional). Once sign up, I couldn't have been happier with the claims process. There explanation of benefits is SOOOOO much better than my own insurance company- it actually explains how/where the money goes! The checks were mailed quickly...I hear they now offer direct deposit too. Having gone through several human health insurance companies, I really wish they would have services for humans too! But its ok they want to stick to the cuddly animals-they deserve the best, and they got it with Embrace. I don't have any complaints (maybe the waiting period is long-but definitely not longer than their competitors)...this is possibly the best case of corporate insurance responsibility and reliability I have ever seen.

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Skin problem

my pup likes to eat stuff he's not suppose to eat.
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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