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After my 13-year-old golden retriever lost her battles with a multitude of problems over the past seven years of her life, which in total cost me more than $40,000, I decided when I got two new golden retriever pups that I was going to get them insured. My vet recommended VPI and gave me a brochure. I enrolled my pups online and received all the paperwork in the mail shortly thereafter. Before they were even a year old, both pups ate some hard plastic and a stringy, as yet unnamed, substance that caused blockages in their stomaches and had moved into their intestines. They each had surgery within four days of each other. I nearly lost the female (Delilah) and she had to spend the weekend at the emergency vet, whose costs are outrageously high, but worth it if my pet needs emergency care. Anyway, between the two of them, the bills totaled more than $6,000. I had to pay the emergency vet upfront their $1,800 bill for Delilah. Fortunately, my vet was kind enough to give me some time to pay him on the rest of the bill. I submitted my claims for both dogs on the same day. I figured that, at best, it would take at least 30 days to get a check back from VPI, and really figured it would take longer, and that I would probably have to jump through hoops (as I often have to with my "human" insurance company). I can't express my gratitude and surprise that, exactly two weeks (14 days) after Delilah's surgery (hers was first), I received checks for both Delilah and Sampson's surgeries. And, less the emergency hospital bill, VPI paid all but about $400 of all of the rest of the bill. Every time I called with questions regarding my coverage, I was always treated with respect and a genuine concern for the welfare of my "kids" (I have four dogs in total, all with full coverage with VPI) and am seriously considering getting coverage on my four new kittens. To the people on this site who think that the only good ratings are coming from VPI employees... NOT TRUE! I'm a genuine VPI customer who stands nothing to gain by providing my honest opinion about how my experience has been with VPI. I can't thank them enough for being there for me and my kids!

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Posted: 03/13/2009

Unfortunately, I didn't have the success with VPI as the above poster. had VPI INSURANCE on my Pekingese who was diagnosed with kidney failure (no pre-existing and paid 2 years premiums & dog was never at the vet) and VPI PAID $189 on a $1,800 VET BILL! They claimed it was a genetic condition to that breed so not allowable. So that was definitely a RIP-OFF.
I would have been better off to have the Banfield Hospital Wellness Plan. It would certainly have covered more!
Needless to say, I cancelled ALL MY INSURANCE PLANS for my remaining 2 dogs!

Posted: 10/07/2009

VPI is a scam. No where in their materials did it say they wouldn't cover adrenal tumors in ferrets. Nor the checkup that diagnosed the problem. Nor annual vaccines. Nothing is covered. VPI is a money blackhole.