Be Aware Of The Pre-Existing Condition Clause

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I had insurance on 2 cats with this company for about 10 years. Overall I would say they are fair. The biggest drawback is the "pre-existing condition" clause. I have never looked into any other company policy and, therefore, am not aware if this is common practice. It seems to be a major source of complaint by many and can prove to be devastating upon an animals illness. After my cat died, I filed the claims for medical reimbursement and was at first denied because they considered his condition "pre-existing". I spoke to several women in the office regarding the matter and they were so very nice. After I explained the complete story of my cats illness, one suggested that I put those facts in writing and file a formal appeal. After 2 letters from me and one from my Vet, the company became aware that there was no "pre-existing condition" and paid fairly on the claims. My advice is keep good records so you can deal with facts if necessary.

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