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Raised my dog's premiums over 25% at renewal. Said it was due to change in underwriter. Tried to say that new underwriter would offer 20% co-pay on specialists vs. 30% for previous year. Thus, better. Of course, like human insurance, changing carriers exposes you to a pre-existing exclusion. However, unlike human insurance, pre-existing conditions means anything that ever happened in the past will never be covered in the future. With human insurance, there's usually a limit to how far in the past conditions are excluded with a limit to how far in the future they won't be covered. So..., we're likely talking about Anti-Trust violations here. But, like most violations of Anti-Trust in the last 30 years, they won't be challenged. Basically, if your pet gets ill with a condition that might occur again, and if its expensive to treat, you're captive to the insurer you've got when he/she got the illness.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/09/2011

Lee Ann,
You evidently have little understanding of the insurance industry or what disappointed in jersey or Very Angry in Idaho are getting at and why it SHOULD concern you.

Like all too many people, if it doesn't effect you directly you don't care. Perhaps you'll figure it out when YOUR premiums jump or you are denied coverage for something you thought your policy covered but the new underwriter decided was pre-existing and you realize you've spent more on insurance for your cats than it would have cost to "drop the insurance and pay your vet bills".

Posted: 12/02/2010

I just recieved my letter that because of the underwriter change, my insurance will be going up a $100.00 for next year! I have only submitted one claim for $90.00 in the last year, and have yet to recieve payment for that claim. When I called Petplan, the service rep was very short with me, and had a tone/attitude that I was wasting his time. I thanked him for his time, and he just hung up on me. Not cool, especially when his company is raising my rates in this economy. Not at all happy with this company right now.

Posted: 01/13/2011

Honestly i don't care how much it goes up due to the fact that my 3 older cats..2 are 16 are fully insured for less then 500 dollars a year..you are not hold captive to anything..you can always drop the insurance and pay your vet bills...somehow i don't think that you will come out ahead like that.