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We lost both of our labs within weeks of each other - one, after very expensive surgery. Fortunately we could afford it, but since we were on the verge of retirement we decided that we would get insurance for any future dogs. I researched the plans that were available and the one that appeared to me to be the most straightforward without caveats or limitations for chronic conditions. etc and was also backed by ING was Vet Insurance. My wife decided to register with Lab Rescue - "it will take months and by that time we'll be ready for another dog". Of course the fates intervened and we found ourselves with a 10 month old male yellow lab and a month after that with a one year old female yellow lab. We registered both with Vet Insurance. A few months ago the female injured the cruciate ligament in the left stifle joint. We decided to have TPLO surgery done. We talked to the folks at Vet Insurance and they indicated that the procedure was an accepted one and there shouldn't be a problem. Just to be sure we asked them to provide pre-approval prior to the scheduled surgery, which they did. The surgery was done, the dog is recovering (a somewhat lengthy process)and Vet Insurance sent us a cheque for the amount of the procedure (minus the co-payment). We have had a few claims - drugs for stomach disorders (darned labs!), x-rays to confirm the knee problem - and Vet Insurance has been very prompt in paying the claims and if we have had questions they are more than willing to provide assistance.

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