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I thought the Banfield Wellness plan was a fantastic idea when I first learned about them shortly after bringing home my new 12 week young pup. I signed the one-year contract. My pup was having what appeared to be recurring UTIs. I dropped her off to get a urinalysis for the UTi. When I returned at the end of the day to pick her up, they told me, with a cheerful smile, that her fecal test was just fine. I asked about the urinalysis. Their faces went blank. I reminded them why I dropped her off. The doctor came out with a dish, and lightheartedly told me they forgot to do it (this actually happened twice) and asked me to take her outside to collect her urine?!?! They couldn't pinpoint the cause of her "UTI" (there were no crystals in her urine) and chalked it up to a food allergy. They gave an antibiotic, and put her on prescription adult food. I took her back after 4 weeks, at which point she was 5 months. Same problem, they drew the same conclusions, gave her more antibiotics, and a more restirctive diet. Between 3-5 months, my Boxer mix gained less than 5 pounds (~27-30 lbs). As soon as I left that appointment, I called my previous vet and scheduled an appointment. They were appalled my puppy was put on such a restrictive diet, let alone to massive amounts of antibiotics they kept giving her. They made the proper diagnosis. Additionally, they wanted to spay her much earlier than she needed because they thought spaying her would help resolve the "UTI" issues she was having. I would highly recommend to anyone considering Banfield to look elsewhere.

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