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I obtained pet insurance for my Pomeranian a little bit over two years ago; first time I've ever had a pet let alone alone pet insurance. Their claim process is user friendly and almost hassle free. I say almost because noone is perfect. I recently had to submit a bill of over $2500 and I was expecting a check within the month, as they've always processed the claims with no problem. This time, they had a question (understandably so given the large amount) but neglected to let me know. If I had not inquired, I would not have known about any issues and don't know how long it would have taken to process. Luckily I called and was told of the problem, which I was able to take care of right away. Their response time was excellent and they internally resolved the issue in record speed. Overall I was very happy with their service and especially their customer service; I spoke to a Brenda (I believe her name was) and she genuinly seemed to care about my situation and most of all my dog's well being. I appreciated that. I would highly recommend this insurance but I would also strongly suggest (as with any other insurance) for the claimant to always follow up.

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