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I just wanted to share what a fantastic experience I have had with PetPlan. I did extensive research prior to purchasing a policy for my dog, a 6-year-old Great Dane mix with a history of right CCL rupture with TPLO repair. His only other pre-existing condition was dermatitis and ear infection, both which have been treated numerous times before the insurance took effect. PetPlan does not cover routine care, but I knew this upfront. I wasn't concerned with coverage for the routine services I would have taken Duke to the vet and paid for myself, anyway. I was concerned with coverage for major illness (including cancer) and injuries. And PetPlan has definitely come through! I asked that Duke be underwritten to ensure that pre-existing conditions be identified proactively. PetPlan happily underwrote Duke's policy and did so in a prompt and fair manner. Six months later, when Duke ruptured his left CCL, PetPlan covered it ENTIRELY! No questions asked. Their Customer Service is outstanding. The phone is always answered by a human, the staff are wonderfully friendly, and responses are extremely fast (via both email AND phone). I work in the human insurance industry and did extensive research before deciding on PetPlan. I could NOT be happier!! I would recommend this insurance to anyone who wants the peace of mind to know that PetPlan is there when they need.

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