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It wasn't until after I lost my kitty to cancer 6 years ago, that I had even thought of purchasing pet insurance...I had another kitty, and I didn't want to ever have to experience the financial, or emotional stress that I had just gone through. After much research, and a brief policy with a leading pet insurance company ( I cancelled,too many restrictions!), I found PetPlan.
I have a policy for each of my 5 animals....3 cats and 2 dogs are cavalier king charles spaniels. Cavaliers are prone to some pretty serious hereditary conditions, which are covered with a PetPlan policy! In my search, I couldn't find any company that covered hereditary conditions. That was what really sold me with PetPlan. Fortunatly, I have only had to submit claims for one of my animals, my cat Rocco...This is my experience...

My 4 year old cat Rocco, was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 years ago. PetPlan has been with us through this whole ordeal..For those of you that have experienced this disease with an animal, you know how complicated the treatments can be, and how emotionally and financially draining it can be. The policy that I chose covers 100%, after my $50 annual deductible (per illness), and there is no "cap" on the $$ amount of coverage, as long as we keep his policy is very affordable,the reps are very friendly and helpful, and the coverage is amazing! They cover everything that deals with his illness..even the needles that I puchase to give him his daily sub

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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