Never thought I'd need to use it this soon.

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With the addition of a rescued Yorkshire Terrier puppy to our family I thought the time was right to insure this "little terror". Finley came to us after being too much to handle for his previous owner. He is high strung, rambunctious, extremely active and cute as can be. I figured if any pet might need coverage,it would be this little guy. I never imagined I wuold need the coverage so soon. Somehow Finley broke his tibia and injured the growth plate in his leg. (We think it might have been from doing acrobatics off the furniture.) After several Vet visits we found out he had actually broken the bone rather than spraining his ACL. Embrace has pocessed the claim quickly and without hesitation. We also had Finley neutered and microchipped and received our reimbursment from his Wellness coverage in a timely manner as well. Needless to say getting the coverage has been a godsend. Thank you for everything...and Finley is back to being his gregarious self!

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broken leg, neuter and microchip
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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