ABSOLUTELY Pleased with Embrace!

Out of 10

First things first: Embrace doesn't do anything like ask me to write a good review for them and then they'll reduce my insurance costs or anything like this (though, that'd be kinda cool - j/k). I'm writing this of my own free will because I've really been so pleased with Embrace over the last almost 2 years they've covered my dog.
I signed up for coverage for my puppy when she was just a couple months old - which is smart to do. That way they do not yet have any pre-existing conditions. However, before I had coverage I took my puppy to the vet for some "goopy eyes" and the (not very good) vet deemed it allergies. I have since changed vets since I wasn't happy with their diagnoses over time. However this "allergies" still remained as a pre-existing condition with Embrace. So anytime my dog had any problems that could have anything to do with "allergies" it wasn't covered. I never complained (I probably should have) but it was very maddening to me.

HOWEVER: my claims contact at Embrace took it upon herself to investigate the pre-existing condition of "allergies causing conjunctivitis" and reviewed this with underwriters to decide that this should be removed. UNBELIEVABLE!! I've never heard of this kind of "let's look into this and put the patient first" attitude with insurance companies. Not from animal insurance companies OR human!

Well done, Embrace. You have made a huge fan out of me. And I know A LOT of dog owners. ;)

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