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Our cat Howard ingested toxic peace lily and he had to stay for 2 ½ days in the emergency veterinary hospital. He was on fluid therapy, IV and other medications to help the toxins pass from his blood stream and kidney levels.
Getting a $770 bill from the vet wasn’t exactly something we had planned for, but we filled out the Petsecure claim form and sent it in right away for reimbursement. The last thing we wanted was a huge bill on our credit card. I was honestly expecting the cheque to take a couple of weeks to get to us but it was only 3 business days! I couldn’t believe it…

It was nice to have over half of the cost covered by Petsecure and so quickly! The claim form was easy to understand and faxing it in was simple. If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to get great coverage (renews annually…so if this ever happens again (hopefully NOT) he would be covered) and an insurance company that looks out and cares about their members, then get your pets enrolled with Petsecure.

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Posted: 05/08/2010

Why did Petscure only cover half of the costs? I thought I read that they cover 80%.

Posted: 06/04/2010

I wrote they covered OVER half - sorry I should have been more clear. Yes - they did cover 80% of our claim; however, we hadn't made any claims before so we had to pay our deductible ($200) prior to receiving claim reimbursement.