Better than my own Health Insurance!

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To all you exotic pet owners out there I highly recommend VPI pet insurance. I have a policy on my 2 rabbits and my chinchilla. My rabbits have had problems with GI stasis and this usually results in a $400 vet bill. VPI always covers $300 which makes things much easier for me. Also, one of my rabbits had a pre-existing condition and VPI was very good about reviewing my paperwork and removing this condition. The monthly rates are reasonable (and there is a multiple pet discount). The only thing I haven't been happy with is them not covering any of the annual health check ups. Not sure if there is another policy upgrade I could get to cover this. Overall, this is a great company and every interaction I have had with them has been pleasant and they give fair reimbursements. My rabbits and chinchilla honestly have better health insurance than me!

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