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Petshealth bills your credit card biannually (every 6 months). My dog was insured continuously by them for over 10 years. He had surgery in late Sept 2009 for a mass on his chest. The insurance company refused to pay on this claim because there was a 90 day period where they would not pay for a pre-existing condition. That meanst you could only have surgery during the final 3 months of each 6 month period without the condition being "pre-existing." In short, you are paying for 12 months to get 6 months of coverage--a total ripoff! On the positive side, they paid pretty well when we had an emergency that required a trip to an animal ER. I would not recommend this company becuase of their "pre-existing" policy. It is unethical, but they argued that they were not covered under health insurance laws in my state because dogs are "just propert."

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