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About six months ago our four year old frenchie, Bianca, had a gastro-intestinal upset that set us back about $1200. While we aren't poor, any unexpected expense in the $1000 range is always a financial blow. My husband and I looked into pet insurance and decided that PetPlan was the one that most suited us. Boy were we smart. Several weeks ago, Bibi had a disc shatter in her spine causing huge amounts of pain and causing her to become a parapalegic overnight. After rushing her to her vet we then had to get her an MRI and then had to make the decision about surgery. Because of PetPlan it was a simple the surgery. Not having to worry about spending what mounted up to over $8000. was a big relief that let me focus not on the amount that we were spending, but on getting our little Bibi out of pain and walking again. After submitting all of our paperwork and talking to a wonderful woman named Amy at PetPlan we were reimbursed within a few weeks. When everyone asks how Bibi is doing and what happened I am finding myself telling every single person with a pet about PetPlan so they don't have to make a decision that would result in losing a beloved family member.

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