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We have had VPI for over 5 yrs. we have 2 labs and 4 cats and we decided to get insurance for the older 2. 1 cat and 1 dog. At that time the cat was 10 and Lab was 6yrs old. both healthy. Since the cat was 10yrs old, it was necessary to provide blood test and health records to get approved. IT was worth it. VPI has reimbursed annual check-ups, dental, and incident after incident. The claims gets faxed and they email that claim has been received and I can go on the website to view claims processed and how much the check will be and within 30 days check received with detailed description of what is covered and how much. There have been disputes, where I resubmit and they requested the vet to fax records to reprocess. I then have received more checks after they reprocessed. Last year my dog had to have an operation, which we could not afford up front. My previous vet or referral would not compromise. I found another nearby vet that saw her and stated she needed the operation right away, we told him we could not afford it, and he replied, "You have insurance, I will wait for the insurance to pay." He called and worked it out with VPI. he told VPI how much the operation would cost and then told him how much I needed to pay. VPI told the vet he would receive the check in 30 days. The Operation was a success and Saved her life to celebrate her 13th birthday a few weeks ago. There are now other issues with my 15 yr old cat and 13 yr old lab and VPI has been consistenly helpful and relieves what would normally be very stressful. The only negative, is that I would now like to insure my healthy 13 yr old cat before anything should come up, but now I am told VPI does not insure over the age of 9 and does not have a Senior Plan. I am not going to leave VPI because they have been very good to us, but I will need to seek elsewhere for Senior Plan coverage for my other cat.

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Posted: 11/28/2008

From what i have read, it sounds like you may be a slim exception.