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My almost 10-year old Irish Setter has a multitude of medical issues - IBD, diabetes, hypothyroid, one kidney and most recently she was diagnosed with supraventricular tachacardia. As you can image, the combination of IBD and diabetes is difficult to manage. During a recent episode with her IBD she developed hypoglycemia. I ran her to my veterinarians office. They inserted an IV to give her dextrose. When they listed to her heart, they became very concerned. I was sent to a nearby hospital. There she was stabilized. We were then sent to the hospital where her Internist works. They kept her most of the day, monitoring both her blood sugar and her heart. As you can imagine, I left a trail of bills behind me that day. VPI didn't hesitate to cover these claims and, in fact, paid more then I expected! I received a check in the mail within 2-3 weeks time. They also covered an echocardiagram that was required at a later date. Again, I received the check quickly. I will never base decisions about my pets health on money. But, it is nice to know that VPI is there when I need them! Count me as a satisfied customer!

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