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We've had the Petshealth Care Plan for two year. After losing our young cat, Harry, in 2007 and spending thousands of dollars to see if we could save him, we decided to buy health insurance should we ever adopt again. Well we did adopt again, this time two sibling Persians, Suzy and Charlie. Suzy has never been a problem, but we thought we'd lose Charlie about six months after we adopted him. He was so sick all the time, we were never out of our Vet’s office. It wasn’t until Charlie was hospitalized for several days from internal bleeding did we find out after numerous expensive tests that Charlie is allergic to most everything. Since we put him on a special diet he is thriving and chases his sister all over the house. It cost us several thousand dollars to help Charlie, but having the health insurance this time certainly helped. I would highly recommend pet owners to purchase health insurance for their pets; it's worth it and gives you some piece of mind. Petshealth Care Plan worked out to be the best plan for us. The people there are very responsive, friendly and compassionate both on the phone and via email. We've been very pleased.

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