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I had VPI insurance probably for about six years. Each year, the premiums would go up, and it was not inexpensive, but I knew that if anything were to go wrong, I would at least be compensated for some of the expenses. After all, like health insurance for human beings, this is insurance, and hopefully will not have to be used. In fact, in adding up all of the premiums, perhaps I could have paid the expenses out of pocket and would have been better off. That is because my dog, Sage, was very healthy all of his life. Yet, towards the end of his life, when he was 13 years old, he had a life-threatening tumor and the veterinarian said that he could have some quality months left if he had it removed. We went ahead with the surgery. While he felt fine for six weeks, sadly the tumor returned and he died. When I called to cancel the policy, they told me to send them the bill for the cremation. I had no idea that his final expenses would be covered under the policy. By submitting the bill, it started a process where the policy would automatically be cancelled and premiums billed in advance refunded right away. With every phone call, email and letter, the staff was sympathetic about my loss. Over the years, I thought that if I had another dog perhaps I would not get insurance again because for a healthy animal, it really doesn't pay. But we really don't know what the future will bring and it's nice to know if a serious accident or illness would occur, the insurance would be there. I am certainly grateful that I had this policy when this situation was presented at the end of Sage's life. VPI paid for 100% of the billed amount of the surgery after the deductible, and for some of the other expenses too. I have read on other reviews that the schedule is outdated, but my vet charged exactly what was on their schedule. I have always been lucky in finding good, reasonable veterinarians even though I live in one of the most costly areas of the country. I am very pleased with the way that everything was handled by VPI and would not hesitate to use the company again in the future.

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