Stay away from VPI - it's a scam

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I have a golden retriever that just turned 6. I didn't have pet insurance the first 4 years and the last two I've paid the $400 plus per year to cover my pet and I believe it's all been for nothing. EVERYTHING gets denied for some reason and most recently the last two claims I received said cannot read invoice. I looked at the invoice - looked pretty clear to me. The real issue is the two claims they were rejecting until further information could be supplied were the two most expensive. There is always some reason why things are rejected. I don't even submit all the claims I have but the work you go through to submit all the dogs records, submit all the info from the doctor and then they find a reason to deny. If I pay $400 per year, each claim has to be more than $50 to get anything back, and then they deny most claims - I feel like an idiot for paying for this insurance. It's a SCAM. I will not be renewing my insurance and would never recommend it. I'm going to try one of the other companies with a much higher rating.

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