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My dogs have better coverage than I have!! I researched for over a month and compared this to other companies before I made my decision. Did you know that this is THE ONLY company whose maximum pay is over the LIFE OF THE POLICY and NOT the LIFE SPAN OF THE ANIMAL. It renews every year!!! There is only a 2 week waiting period before the policy goes into effect. Other companies have a 30 day waiting period!! A LOT can happen in a month, and ANYTHING that does is now a preexisting condition. Considering that this is over the LIFETIME of the Animal any further treatment of a similar condition can be DENIED!!! I can call and check on any claims that I don't remember if I submitted and they don't mind. I don't even get TOLD to use the web site next time. The customer service is ALWAYS kind, curious, and understanding. I have NEVER been rushed off the phone or been made to feel like I was BOTHERING them. The one thing people don't seem to understand is the reimbursement policy. They don't get it that it works just like people insurance. There's what the doctor bills, what the insurance allows, then the payout based on the ALLOWED amount. They don't realize that these amounts are based on the cost it would be if you went to a clinic like Bide-a-wee, which gives low cost care. YOU the owner are free to CHOOSE where you bring your pet for care, just don't expect to get more money than someone who can't afford anything but the clinic. That's what this company dose. It tries to even the playing field for those who can and those who can't. Remember it is a CHOICE you make where to take a pet for care. My dog had gotten very ill a couple of years ago, on New Year's Eve. That meant the ER, and an expensive trip. He was having what seemed to be a stroke. They kept him until the SPECIALIST could see him. Let me tell you, I don't know what we would have done without VPI. The specialist alone cost $3500. We received a little more than half of the actual cost back. We where so happy to get that. We do realize that we live in an area that the cost of living is more than the rest of the Nation. If we lived in another part of NY it probably wouldn't have cost that much, but we do. All we could say is that at least a little more than half was better than getting stuck with the ENTIRE bill. Total cost of $1500 is a lot easier to swallow than $4500, when you include the ER bill as well.

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