has already paid for itself several times

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I have been with this company, PetsHealth for a number of years now, and I have 2 cats..the deductibles are low, and in the first year that I had purchased it, it had already saved me a great deal of money, as one of my cats became seriously ill, and I was unsure how I would pay for the care he needed, as he had to be hospitalized....the bill was well over $500, and Petshealth, because of the coverage plan I chose, paid more than half of that! It helped me so much financially, and the best part, was the peace of mind it gave me. Now, when one of my cats needs to go to the vet I don't worry as much, because I know Petshealth is there, and I can count on them--not only that, but they are so helpful and caring when you need to talk to them by phone.......I would recommend this company to anyone who has pets....

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