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I enrolled this insurance company when my dog is puppy, the first 2 yrs, I paid around $28.00/mon(incl taxes). On April 2007, I received a letter said that they will increase the lifetime coverage thus the premium will increase to around$33.00(inc taxes). I agreed and paid for that. But just one year later, Aug 08, I received an e-mail said that they will increase the lifetime coverage AGAIN! They need to increase the Premium AGAIN!! This time is almost $44.00(incl taxes)!! Just 4 years, I need to pay almost 70% more!!! I don't want to imagine that if they keep increase premium because of lifetime coverage increased, then can I afford it when my dog is getter older and harder to change another company!! It's not fair for us, no choice for you to accept increase of lifetime coverage or not.

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Posted: 01/06/2009

Trupanion has only been around since jan 2008. how is it possible that they increased the premium over the last 4 years?

Posted: 01/14/2009

Hi Robert,
You bring up a good point, and one that we want to clear up. Trupanion and Vetinsurance are the same company. Vetinsurance is our Canadian only brand, which has been around since 2000. A year ago (like you mention) we started writing policies in the US under the brand name Trupanion.

Both brands are managed and receive claims support from the same place. I hope that helps.

Posted: 02/28/2009

Could existing policy holders be given the option of keeping the fee the same for the amount of "life time coverage" assessed at that time??

Posted: 06/13/2009

Question was not answered. Are you increasing premium at renewal because of age? Policy states increase only due to Vet. costs. Surely the Vets do not have that high of a percentage annually?

Posted: 08/08/2009

Trupanion should answer the question and stop avoiding it. Will the premiums continue to increase as happened to the original writer? Speak Trupanion or silence speaks for you.

Posted: 08/13/2009

Interesting that Trupanion/Vetinsurance has not answered the question yet. As an owner of an older dog, I thank you for taking the time to review this company.

Posted: 08/21/2009

In 2008, Trupanion/Vetinsurance made a structural shift in the way we determine monthly premiums in order to allow every pet owner to receive the best value for their specific pet. After 8 years of being in business, we found that some breeds and locations were subsidizing others. Therefore, we created a more even playing field by accounting for the local cost of veterinary medicine, which brought some decreases in premiums and some larger than normal increases (depending on the historical data of breed and location). Before this time, every pet had the same monthly premium based on the age at which they enrolled. Now, premiums are determined by the local costs of veterinary medicine, the breed of your pet, and its age at the time of enrollment. This allows us to have a fair pricing structure to provide the best value to each pet. We are not anticipating any further structural changes in the near future, so the premium you see when you sign up will remain consistent except for the periodical impact inflation has on the cost of veterinary care. We assure you that your premiums won’t increase nor will your coverage be restricted due to your pet aging. In addition, you are also never penalized with higher rates for submitting claims. We recently improved Trupanion/Vetinsurance coverage to include $20,000 of lifetime coverage to be used at any time, with no per-incident or annual caps. Again, we do assure you that your Trupanion/Vetinsurance premiums will never change due to your pet aging or a high number of claims.

Posted: 04/14/2010

interesting, I was just about to comment on the continual increasing and the fact they use almost the same letter year after year to tell us they are increasing rates. It would be great if they could plan in advance as to what their costs will be and set prices for a few years. And provide some care to existing customers by not increasing our rates. It may be a policy not to increase rates as your pet ages, but since my rates have consistently gone up over the past 7 years that I have been a member it feels like I may as well be penalized for my aging pet. – I am now at over $53.00! per month.

Posted: 01/27/2010

And note the initial concerns are never addressed. They just cut and paste their answers - this is the same one I received via email. I would rather they drop the premiums and give me $5000 of coverage - it's HIGHLY unlikely people would use up those $20,000 limits.