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I have subscribed to PetPlan in April 2009 and I paid for the very best coverage, more than $100 a month. The customer care service is wonderful and tries to the best he can. And he has a lot to do. Don't be surprised if it takes weeks for your claims to resolved. You will have no detailed information on their website and will loose patience. Then, you will be said that they are really sorry and that your claim has been mailed. May be 2 weeks later, you discover that it is actually a denial, and they have so many reasons to do this each time that it seems just impossible to be covered EXCEPT if your animal get the worst, a car accident or a cancer. They told me that prevention was not their approach. So they think it's useless to protect your animal, better worth waiting for him to be almost dying. They have considered almost everything as a preexisting condition for my dog. Only two claims were paid for a minimal amount out of 10, and I kept for myself many of them because I knew it was a lack of time. When I relocate from my State to another, they closed my policy and reopen a new one with no prior information. They have pretended numerous times that my deductibles - a ridiculous $200 - were not reached although it is not the case. I just finally quit, I have never seen such a bad faith. Too bad, again, for their customer care which seems used to face the anger of many clients. Before subscribing there, be very careful. I have paid more than $800 dollars plus the $200 deposit to that insurer in 7 months, and I got less than $150 reimbursed. And I can ensure you that my dog is far away from being sick all the time, at 4 years old.

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Posted: 09/18/2010

Petplan is a good company. This gentleman did not understand his policy.

Posted: 02/25/2010

How can you have the most expensive plan when you have a $200 deductible? They offer deductibles as low as $50, and they're not much more.
I switched from PetCare last year with one two-year-old cat and my more recent adoptees, two one-year olds, have only had PetPlan as an insurance provider. I'm still apprehensive. The older cat gets outside every once in a while, so I have a Gold Plan for him, but the younger ones never want to go outside, so I have a Bronze one for them. They all have the highest deductible to pay for unexpected veterinary problems, $200.

Reviews like this don't help. I would like to see more about their coverage of emergency care because PetCare was very good about covering their 90% after deductible one time when I took the now two-year old in whereas though it has good reviews, PetPlan only says they cover 70% of emergency or specialist visits. However, I was under the impression they paid the same percentage for emergency and specialized care as they do for regular-care visits? What gives?

Posted: 12/13/2009

I pay $400 per year for my 7 year old dog, less than $200 for my 4 year old dogs.
The policies do not cover preventive care, fortunately.

This review plain does not make sense to me.

Good luck.

Posted: 12/15/2009

Horrendous grammar aside..... When you look at their quotes, where do you see preventative care mentioned anywhere? I don't know about you, but I plan on taking care of my dog and paying for his wellness visits. I don't need to pay some other insurer $400-$500+ per year to get a small piece of that back in reimbursements and then get their "reasonable & customary" reimbursements for whatever procedure my dog needs as a result of an accident or ingesting something he shouldn't have. This is INSURANCE, not a "service contract" for your dog. Tell me where else I can get 100% reimbursement (within reason and minus a $200 deductible) for an injury to my 1 year old dog for <$25/mo. I read great review after great review and see a great rating score on Your sentence structure alone says allot about your ability to comprehend what you were buying in the first place.

Posted: 12/30/2009

This looks like a case of an uninformed buyer. There are many pet insurance companies that provide coverage for "routine maintenance" for your pets. However, PetPlan does not. PetPlan is a catastrophic policy. For example, one incident or illness over $200 up to a chosen limit per year. Plain and simple - expect to keep paying your routine vet bills and minor incidents, but when your pet tears and ACL or develops cancer you will be VERY grateful you purchased this policy!

Posted: 01/03/2010

I think a little compassion and understanding is in order here. It sounds like the reviewer truly did not understand what he was signing up for. It also sounds like English is not his first language, so barbed remarks about his grammar and sentence structure are not helpful and are way out of line. Treat other people as nice as you would treat your pet. Be kind and responsible. Please.