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Every time someone tells me they got a new dog I tell them about pet insurance and VPI. I first got information from the vets office when I took my first puppy, Miami, there 13 years ago. I have had health insurance for her ever since and I would never have a dog without it. I have a second dog, a shiz shu mix and he has minor joint problems and I have to take him to the doctor for pain medicine occasionally. I used to work at a pet store chain and I would tell customers, you just paid hundreds of dollars for the dog getting health insurance is a good investment. When I received a 7 yr old golden husky mix and I got him insurance because he needed to be neuter. After a couple of years he developed cancer and having the insurance helped with the semi-weekly doctor visits and it also helped with the final expenses when he passed. Every time I have had to call and talk with a representative they have always be very helpful and friendly. Especially when Buddy passed away and I had to call for some reason the woman was very compassionate and comforting. They always ask how the dogs are doing, oh and the best thing is every year VPI sends my dogs a birthday card. I look forward to them. No matter how old or what breed the dog is I will always have health insurance for my dogs.

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