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I shopped and shopped around trying to find a decent pet health insurance plan before I decided to buy Purinacare for my three Chihuahuas (age 8, 2 1/2, and 4mos). Regretfully after submitting a couple minor vet bills to Purinacare, I was discouraged that they don't cover very much. I even bought the upgraded "preventative care" policies. I read that it covered dental, but - it doesn't. I got denied on $109.84 for a cleaning that included the removal of one tooth. When I called their customer service, they told me it was denied because the tooth was a "pre-existing condition". LOL I laughed! You've got to be kidding me? Guess the tooth was in existence previous to the vet removing it. I didn't realize needing a tooth removed was a "condition". Essentially, after having the policies less than 2 months - I can see that this will result in constant "issues" trying to fight with Purinacare on what they cover and what they won't. Especially when they can hide behind the "pre-existing condition" denial for about anything they choose not to pay. Honestly - Put the money you are thinking about spending on a policy into a separate savings account at your local bank. That way when you have vet bills, you'll have some money saved up & set aside for it. Don't flush your money down the toilet by buying Purinacare. After the $250 deductible and $40 a month - to only get an 80% reimbursement amount for things they don't decline/deny..... Definitely NOT worth the time

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Routine Dental - Preventative Care
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/19/2010

I don't care about the small things that much I will handle them it's the big expenses I am concerned about I just paid 3500.00 for my last dog who didn't have any insurance So I really need it especially since my other dog was so sick.t.
I want to take him in right now but I can't afford a vet visit. I will be ablg .

Posted: 03/10/2011

Actually the preventative plan is an additional plan and has nothing to do with the rest of Purinacare. I too found this addition was not worth it as it did not cover my cat's teeth cleaning so I canceled that part after one year. However, the additional preventative plan has nothing to do with the rest of the plan including any office visits, meds, conditions, ANYTHING really. I have found everything else to be exactly what they claim and they have been great! They have excellent customer service and are quick to respond on claims. I have had no issues with any claims being denied as long as it has nothing to do with dental cleaning.

Posted: 03/10/2011

I agree. My kitten had emergency surgery for swallowing an object that ripped through his body and had him swollen shut, he would have died w/o surgery. Purina Care tried to tell me that it was directly related to a pre-existing condition of colitis that he developed as a reaction to the anesthesia after being neutered. I'm now stuck with a couple thousand dollars worth of bills b/c they wont listen to my Vet who said herself they are in no way connected.

Posted: 06/15/2011

Totally agree. I've had Purinacare pet health insurance for about a year and a half now and I have never before made any claims. I recently made my first and only claim as my dog had a surgery on his foot. At the same time as the surgery, the vet recommended having his teeth cleaned so I wouldn't have to pay for the anasthesia twice. During the surgery, she found that he had gingivitis and needed several teeth pulled.
I submitted the claim to Purinacare and they did not pay for the teeth cleaning, which is fine because I guess it is a preventative service. However, they also did not pay for the tooth extractions. I have a problem with that because tooth extractions are not a general maintance/preventative service. My dog had the disease gingivitis, which the vet marked on the form. They also only paid half of the anasthesia. I'm not sure why, I'm guessing because the dog had 2 procedures while under anasthesia and one of them was not a procedure they cover (the tooth cleaning). However, even if my dog had not had his teeth cleaned, he still would have required the full anasthesia, as he was having a surgery on his foot! To me, that is being reallllly cheap on their part and generally trying to get out of having to pay for services they should be paying for.

I will be looking for new pet insurance. Purina is really expensive-- $55 per month plus a $250 deductible and then only 80% coverage. I pay them $700 each year just in monthly fees, and on this claim I submitted, which was a $690 claim, Purinacare paid me back $9.00. NOT WORTH IT.

Posted: 06/25/2010

Check with your vet. Did the vet tell the insurance company that the tooth was a preexisting condition?

Posted: 10/12/2011

Rotten tooth claim, policy in force only 2 mos? Pre existing sounds about right