Too Much Paper Work

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I have had 2 well care visits in the past year, neither of which was applied to deductible. I took my dog 1 year ago because my neighbor died and no one wanted him. When he got a bad reaction to a bee sting, Embrace gave me a hard time about submitting 2 years of records, which I did not have. Only had the two wellcare visits that I had given him. After much a do about nothing they finally accepted the records that I had. The claim came just before the year end of my policy and by the time they applied the deductible my check was for $8.86! All that paper work for $8.00! Anyway I think that they should apply the deductible for the last 3 mths and first 3 months of the contract so that if you get another emergency within that time, you have already met the deductible. If it was carried over like most policies, it would be a big help. If I have another claim this week, I will have to meet the deductible again! Does not seem right to me. It took about a month to get my $8.00. I am hopeful that any further claims, will not be so difficult to get paid. Since they have increase my monthly fee, by $8.00. Big jump for someone that has only had 1 claim, and they only paid out $8.00!!!

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Bee Sting
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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