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I have two English Setters one is with VIP, my older boy who is 10 and 1/2 and Apollo who is 3 with PetPlan. When I was reviewing plans for my new pup Apollo I choose Petplan because they included holistic options in their coverage.
In all my years I have never had such a new pup have so many issues. First there was his neutering surgery which we found out he is allergic to double stranded suture material and some part of the anesthesia given, and then there has been a mystery illness that we have been dealing with since last October. Apollo would get high fevers (104) and diarrhea at the drop of a hat and get them approximately 6-12 weeks apart. In the beginning we just thought it just a fluke the high fevers, but by last December it really took a turn for the worst and we had to do emergency care for him. Many of the tests we did were very expensive to try to isolate the problem. There is a thought it could be autoimmune issue, but all the pieces identifying this issue are not present.

We have several vets working together which are traditional and holistic. As a holistic practitioner myself, it was very important that we not jump to a simple "fix" with drugs. Steroids were suggested several times, but due to Apollo's sensitive nature with just simple drug approaches made us be much more cautious. I am glad the vet team I work with respected our needs and concerns with Apollo. To date we have roughly spent $7K to which Petplan has paid approximately 80%. W

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maybe autoimmune
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