VPI Was Vet-Recommned & Has Been A Life Saver

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I enrolled my Labrador Retriever, Shelby, in a VPI Pet Insurance policy when she was three months old. My veterinarian recommended them because the company was founded by vets and has vets on staff, so they take pet care very seriously and have the experience to back it up. VPI was the first company that created pet insurance, more than 25 years ago. So they have a history of proven success, which is helpful when trying to decide which company is best for you and your family. Shelby turned out to have allergies, and as an active dog, has paid quite a few visits to the vet in the past five years. Thank goodness for VPI! Having a policy has certainly helped me recover from the vet bills. As with any insurance company (pet or human), you have to take the time to understand what benefits are available to you, and read the actual benefit schedule, so you know what to expect as a reimbursement, and know what's covered and what isn't. I discovered that none of the insurance companies cover genetic or hereditary conditions -- those which offer optional coverage to supposedly offer benefits for these are cloaked in marketing jargon: read the black print carefully, because you're not getting what's advertised. Also, VPI doesn't increase your premium because you submit claims; my policy only increases minimally with my dog's age. And none of the conditons I've filed claims for are considered "pre-existing." Be careful, because some of the competing pet insurance companies out there do increase your premium as you submit claims, and do sock you with pre-existing conditions once your policy is up for renewal. I continue to be a VPI policyholder after 5 years and have recommended it to family, friends, coworkers and other pet owners at the dog park. The company is reliable and takes pet care seriously.

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