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First of all, I would like to say that all of my pets are rescued animals...With that being said, I am very disappointed in how my most recent claim was handled. I have an older cat that has bad hips and sometimes has difficulty going to the bathroom. After speaking with the vet, she was placed on a lax 'aire (which of course is not covered by ASPCA insurance) two times per week. Well, within a two month period, because she is older, she had a severe emergency and was brought to the hospital because she could not go to the bathroom and was in severe pain. The vets in the hospital thought it could be a tumor. Turns out, fortunately, she just needed a change of diet. However, the bill of over $700 (which for for x-rays and other tests to rule out tumors) was not covered AT ALL - after putting in hundreds of dollars into pet insurance that should be covering me, they DID NOT AID ME AT ALL!!!
In addition, I have had previous issues with receiving money back. The company dictates what they think a "reasonable cost" for vet bill is. In other words, vet check up for me may cost $69.34 - they feel that a reasonable cost is only $17.34. I think that is completely insulting and absolutely disgusting. This has occurred MANY times over the last few years.
Finally, after calling up the company, they were completely unhelpful and fixing the matter.

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