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I am new to Petplan, and recently submitted my first two claims. My veterinarian's office faxed both of them to Petplan on 1/27/10. However, despite a CSR acknowledging receipt on that day, Petplan didn't open claims on their end until 2/3/10 and 2/5/10. They say they take 2 to 4 weeks to process claims, but that is a bit misleading, since the processing time doesn't start until they open the claim, and the date you sent the paperwork in doesn't matter. So, in my particular case, it took them 7 days to open one claim after they got it, and 9 days to open the other, and then I could have to wait up to 4 weeks after to have the claims processed.
Since I haven't been reimbursed on my claim yet, I'm not in a position to comment on how good they are on reimbursement. I am hopeful that only the processing time is an issue, but either way, from my standpoint, if they take forever to process claims, it may not be the policy for me.

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