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Today I received a denial letter from Pet Care for our 15 year old Shih Tzu who had a second surgery in January 2010 to remove bladder stones.
In 2005 she had her first surgery to remove stones and that was it, we never expected her to have to go through this again. I added her to an exisiting policy we had for a new puppy (2004) in August 2008 when we also adopted an older dog from the OSPCA and added him to the policy. I have been paying monthly for 3 dogs expecting to be covered if and when I need the help.

When I first contacted the company to add two additional dogs, I told the rep my older dog had previous surgery for bladder stones but don't recall anyone telling me she wouldn't be covered for any future surgeries to remove bladder stones if this occurred again. In my mind, that shouldn't matter, when you pay monthly premiums, your pet SHOULD be covered!

How can this be an existing condition when these stones were removed? No one can guarantee stones will not develop again, not even our vet.

Our dog was put on a Cherry Blue plan which says on the webpage - "This is the product that will allow you to take care of them in any situation", "Coverage for ALL ILLNESSES available" - our Molly didn't have cancer or any recurring illness, she had one of those situations that MAY occur in the future.

When I received the denial letter this morning, I called to complain and decided to cancel the policy for our 15 year old Shih Tzu. I had faithfully paid premiums for 3 dogs every month and expected some help from Pet Care. The lady on the phone told me Molly fell under a pre-existing condition clause and I would not be reimbursed for anything ($1200 in costs). She's in good health according to her vet. The only issue she has to deal since her surgery is mild cataracts. Healthy heart, lungs, very good condition for her age.

There's no point in continuing to pay this company when I needed them the most. I will be shopping around for another company who doesn't have any "fine print" surprises.

I gave this company a rating of 5 because they did cover expenses when our youngest had surgery to remove 2 bladder stones when she was about a year old. If they develop again, I was told today that yes the expenses would be paid as long as it wasn't over their maximum of $3000 lifetime.

The premiums I paid for my older Shih Tzu over the past 1-1/2 years would have covered almost half of the $1200 cost and not contributed to the comissions of a salesman on the phone. It may be worthwhile to open a savings account and put the equivalent of a monthly premium away into an investment plan. Very unhappy with this company today.

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