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I cannot tell you how happy I am with Veterinary Pet Insurance. I've had insurance on my greyhound since I got her at age 2 and she's almost 10. The insurance has paid for itself every year even with minor incidences that Kirby has had. In years (like last year)that we've had big things happening with Kirby it's been a godsend and has way more than paid for itself, even with Kirby's higher premium due to her age/breed! Last year Kirby bloated and had the gastripexy surgery. The total was $1,700 and VPI reimbursed me $1,000! I was thrilled. It can make the difference between saving your pet or having to possibly choose to put them down. She also had to get a toe amputated last year. I submitted $680.61 in bills and VPI reimbursed me $465.03. Again, thrilled. I recommend to every one I meet with a pet. They are very speedy with their reimbursements and I've never had a problem with VPI!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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