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I am a new puppy owner. Have not had a dog in 11 years and wow, vet prices have certainly increased! Many of my friends suggested I get pet insurance as they wish that they had. I did my due diligence and investigated many products, but chose Pets Best due to their reasonable pricing as well as offering wellness option. Since my new puppy needs lots of shots, neutering etc. this seemed to be a good option to use at least for the first year. Your agent, Laura fielded my phone calls and answered all of my questions. I also liked the chat feature which enabled me to keep a transcript of all my questions. I filed my first Wellness claim about a week after my policy went into effect. Process was simple, filing by scanning my vet bill and submitted via my cell phone. i received my EOB within a week and a payment deposited promptly to my bank account. Everything was paid as outlined in policy. The only issue I had was that payment was omitted for Reba's combo Flea, Tic and Heartworm medication. A phone call to your agent straightened out the issue. She referred my question back to the claims department and within 2 days another EOB was issued with payment for the medication following in a couple of days. So far I am a very satisfied customer!

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American Cocker Spaniel

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