WASTE OF TIME - Stay away if possible! DON'T get sucked into their 30 day free trial BS - they won't give you a CENT

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I worked with Trupanion for a whole month in June 2020 because our vet offered us a 30-day free trial with them. Trupanion worked out some kind of promotion where if a puppy is given the green light on their first comprehensive examination (i.e. is deemed healthy/has no pre-existing conditions), then these customers will be offered this free trial.

I was ecstatic - but it turned out to be a HUGE waste of time.

During this time, my puppy experienced severe diarrhea and vomiting and we visited the vet multiple times in the month - about 5-6 times. All 5-6 times were aimed towards helping my puppy get better but Trupanion kept rejecting all of these claims. They have deemed it to be INELIGIBLE because "Nothing in the medical history shows that this is NOT a pre-existing condition." I was confused as my puppy was deemed healthy by our vet and we received the free trial accordingly.

Once the free trial was over, I found another insurance company. I gave them the same medical records as I did Trupanion and there were no issues with processing the claim and reimbursing the money spent.

The most infuriating part is that my vet was ALSO confused as to why the claims had been rejected and had even taken the time and energy to write up a letter to appeal Trupanion's decision — which was still rejected. To this day, they are still baffled by the outcome of our interaction.

On top of that, Trupanion also offered a possible explanation for my puppy's issues stating "Puppies can feel queasy after car rides and as a result, may vomit." As an FYI to Trupanion, we walk to the vet. I did not appreciate that Trupanion tried to write off my puppy's gastro issues.

I didn't pay a cent to Trupanion due to the free trial, but I was definitely interested in sticking around due. How could you not be, considering their 9.3/10 rating all the raving reviews they received? I was dismayed at my free-trial experience with Trupanion. I genuinely feel like they will not care unless you pay them. This was not a good first experience and there is NO way I would ever let my other pet owner friends deal with this. They deserve to work with a company that cares about them and does not write off any issues regardless of how "common" a symptom may sound.

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